Sanctus is a drama series inspired by true events about a Vatican-appointed team of investigators and scientists seeking explanations for miraculous phenomena, even while their investigations are hindered by social unrest, political upheaval and, strangest of all, apparent acts of diabolical evil.

Sanctus is a unique detective series inspired by true events. In the tradition of all successful “procedurals,” our team members and their functions are grounded in fact.

Since the 16th Century, the Roman Catholic church has verified claims of miracles by forming what is known as “Miracle Commissions.” Today these special task forces are comprised of top investigators and world-renowned scientists who scrutinize and establish the facts behind reports of other-worldly phenomena, no matter where they lead. The investigating team will visit the locale, conduct background checks and in-depth interviews with witnesses, and subject any strange phenomena present to the most rigorous of modern scientific tests, calling upon specialists from around the world as needed.

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